Single & Multi-Family Rough Framers [Serving Northern California]

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We are a General Contractor specializing in wood framing. We perform work from residential to commercial and are experienced in both. We are a very detail oriented group. We use a combination of good planning, work experience and technology to ensure your project is built FAST and successful.

We take advantage of 3D, building information modeling (BIM) early on in our projects. This allows us to build the job in detail before ever setting foot on the job site. Modeling our projects and producing shop drawings enables us to see problems early on that would generally be found in the field. By using BIM on our projects, build time is significantly reduced. We are able to build your project quicker and more accurately, saving everyone time and money.

General Contracting

We offer general contracting services for both residential and smaller commercial projects from new builds to remodels.

Drafting & Design / Build

We provide construction documentation services and have a great team of design consultants. Because of the services we perform in house, such as rough framing, the value engineering we provide saves on the overall build costs.

Rough Framing

Rough framing is our niche and we self-perform this service on all of our projects. Collectively, we have over 40 years of experience in wood framing.