Looks like my last post was in late October, so let’s catch up a bit. We have done work for this project Owner dating back to 2002. The Bunkhouse project is a 2,600 square foot residential building. The concept for the Bunkhouse was started back in early June. After finalizing the design concept with the Owner, we began drawing up plans to obtain a building permit. Russell Gallaway Associates, Inc. provided the structural engineering. We were issued a building permit in mid October.

We started construction on October 17th. We are the General Contractor for the project and our company performed the concrete, rough framing, siding and trim in house, all of which were performed successfully and on time. We prefabricated all walls and had the boxed soffits fabricated with the trusses, which was key in completing the rough faming in 7 working days.

Currently the building is weathered in and the drywall is being hung. We should be completed with the drywall early next week. Pending any holiday delays, it looks like we’ll be finished up in about 3 weeks. You can check out some of the plans and construction images below. Enjoy!

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