Tower Market #120

Tower Market #120 was an interior remodel project located in West Sacramento. We bid this project to Hilbers, Inc. in late October of 2011. We were awarded the rough framing in early November with a start date around the same time. This was to be a fast track project and our work was to be completed in two days — we committed to do it in one.

There was quite a bit of framing to pull off in just one day given the amount of connections and that it was remodel work. The job details had to be worked out and the day well planned to meet the schedule. Starting with a crew of 5 men and later adding reinforcements to bring the total to 7, we completed the project in just the one day. Granted it was long, but it was still one day. This gained the General Contractor one day on their schedule, which on this type of project is valuable. You can check out a few of the construction pics below.

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