Carmichael Custom Remodel

We were awarded the rough framing contract for this custom residential remodel from Geoff Okarma Construction, Inc. out of Sacramento, CA.  Geoff was a great guy to work with.  Geoff takes a lot of pride in his work and the services he provides and is very passionate about his projects.  It makes it fun when everyone on the project is focused on doing a good job!


This project consisted of an approximate 2000SF remodel of an existing custom residence.  Geoff sealed off the remodel section of the house from the rest of the home which made for nice working conditions.  This was a complete gut of the inside, so we had access to the entire structure.

The remodel was fairly elaborate consisting of new structural footings, removing most of the existing ceiling joists, building new vaulted ceiling structures, interior arches, etc.  The fun stuff.

Although we didn’t prefab any of our work due to the nature of the project, we still got to have some fun drawing up some 3d models and details on occasion to aid in some changes that were sure to come about in this type of project.  We created plenty of field drawings just to build from anyway.  It speeds up the process in the field and heads off a lot of potential mistakes.

All in all the project went really well.  We are actually still doing some work down there.  The Owner has made several changes and has added quite a bit of extra work to the project.I’ll follow up with a few more photos here in the blog since there have been so many changes made.  We’ve actually redone a substantial amount of the master quarters floor plan, ceiling work, etc.   After it’s completion, we’ll throw a full photo album in the residential section of the website portfolio.

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