Savings Bank of Mendocino

We recently completed a contract for the rough frame for the Savings Bank of Mendocino awarded by R.C. Pacific Construction, a General Contracting firm from Roseville, CA. The working relationship between R.C. Pacific Construction and our company turned out to be a good fit. Their site Superintendent, Red Gilliland, ran a clean and well organized job site, which translated into higher work efficiency and a more predictable profit margin for both companies.

 As part of our construction preparation, we translate the architectural and structural plans into a 3D building model using Autodesk Revit Architecture Design software. This process is time consuming but remains cost effective because it allows us to provide very precise construction plan sheets to both the concrete and steel subcontractors.  For this particular job we provided clear and precise foundation dimensions along with all structural steel elevations and positions ensuring that coordination was maintained between the key subcontractors.  We feel our pre-planning efforts and shop drawings helped drive the job towards a successful outcome.

Our experience shows that prefabricated wall panels and building components have scheduling benefits and increased job-site accuracy.  This commitment to prefabrication demands an absolute understanding of the entire structure, top to bottom, before any construction begins.  Perfect coordination must be maintained between our company and all other structural subcontractors.

As a result of our our pre-construction planning, we developed a close working relationship with the General Contractor and the site superintendent, Red Gilliland.  We met all scheduling expectations, provided accurate prefabricated walls ending up with a tight frame and virtually no inspection issues.  Based on our performance, we hope to become a long-standing member of R.C. Pacific’s construction team.

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